What Makes a Successful Tutor?

A good tutor is key to efficient tutoring sessions. In order to achieve this, there must be a healthy relationship between the tutor and the learner. In most cases, a good relationship is nurtured quickly. However, there are times it takes quite some time before the learner opens to the tutor. The attainment of such a relationship portrays the educational qualities of the tutor as well as different traits in each of them.

Now, what makes a successful tutor?


A good tutor should be energetic and motivated in order to create a healthy relationship with students. This trait calls for a person with admiration for human interactions and a lot of enthusiasm.

Once a student notices such a character in a tutor, they will feel motivated even if they feel discouraged about learning.

A child with low grades is likely to be motivated by such an interest in the tutor. As a result, the tutor becomes a model for success thus encouraging students to work smart in school.


Empathy here means a tutor who is able to understand the student’s needs in order to help them adapt to the school environment.

Demonstrating openness allows the tutor to know the learner better as well as their situation. There a good tutor should be curious to know the academic doing, social background or even school environment of the learner.

This way, the tutor is able to employ good follow-up tactics and apply appropriate methods.


We all learn from each other. No matter how one thinks they are educated, there are things we little understand about. A good tutor should be able to recognize this.

If a student asks a complex question, it’s good for the tutor to accept they don’t know instead of guessing it. There are also instances where the personality of a person doesn’t allow them to produce the desired results.

The best thing is to admit it and get another person to help the learner.

Strong personal relationship

Unlike a teacher, tutors have the ability to create a strong personal relationship with their students. You will find a tutor working for one student at a time thus offering a good chance for personal interaction.

Also, the student gets to understand both the learner’s weaknesses and strengths. A successful tutor spares a lot of time interacting with the learner hence making the session personal-centered.

Once a learner is comfortable with the tutor, it becomes easier to make the most of out their potentials.

Professional mannerism

While it’s important to build a strong personal relationship with students, a tutor should always act like a professional. The tutor should treat all information with confidentiality just like a physician.

A successful tutor is able to balance both friendship and professionalism during the lesson to ensure the overall success of the learner. In the same line, the tutor should be able to build trust and rapport with learners.

If a learner performs poorly in a certain subject, it’s good for the tutor to give remedial lessons to the student before progressing to the next chapter.

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