Can A Private Investigator Take Pictures of Me?

Nobody likes the idea of being watched. Even if you’re doing nothing wrong, it doesn’t feel okay when someone is tailing your moves. A private investigator may be hired to follow and gather some information about you. Private investigators assist individuals and companies in gathering the evidence required in criminal cases, insurance claims, divorce cases, and other personal matters. To find out whether private investigators are suitable for your case, you can either visit a private investigation firm near you or ask private investigator online.

The job of a private investigator is to collect and analyse information by conducting surveillance. PIs are often confused with private detectives, while PIs work for private citizens, private detectives work for the government. Private investigators are just like you and me. Most states require PIs to be licensed, but that doesn’t give them authority as sworn-in law enforcement officers. They have no additional rights. There are things PIs aren’t allowed to do, and if they do, they are arrested and charged just like private citizens.

 A private investigator isn’t allowed to enter your home or place work without permission or arrest you. That said, the debatable question remaining is whether he/she is allowed to take pictures of you. The answer is YES and NO.

A private investigator can videotape or take pictures, but not when you’re in places you expect privacy. Whenever you see him or her taking pictures of you, you should ask yourself why he/she is interested in you. A private investigator can’t waste his/her time taking pictures of everyone they meet.

Private investigators will never let you know they’re recording you. The follow you at a distance and uses all the available techniques to wrap up their moves. Once they get to know they are following you, they can stop following you. They want to capture you unexpectedly. Pictures taken by private investigators are not for publications.

All video records and pictures captured by a private investigator end up in courtrooms as evidence, or in insurance companies to justify their claim denials. A private investigator can’t share video records and pictures on social media or with other people apart from the client who hired him/her.

Private investigators aren’t allowed to invade your privacy. Before getting into your home for interrogations, they must have permission from you. When in your home, they can’t take pictures of you when you’re in your bedroom, washroom, and changing room.

When installing surveillance cameras, they can’t go beyond your kitchen and living rooms. Evidence presented in courtrooms is only valid if it was legally collected. Private investigators who go beyond and install spying cameras in people’s bedrooms are breaking the law. Private investigators are also not allowed to record or take pictures of you and your family members from windows.

The law allows everyone to take pictures at public places. Private investigators are not above the law. When they go against the state’s laws, they are arrested and charged just like other private citizens. They are allowed to do whatever it takes to provide their clients with the required information, but not to break laws.

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